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      In the conception of the conference we were inspired by the Messages for the World Day of the Peace of the last four pontiffs, both for reasons of merit and method. From 1968 to the present day, in fact, these messages, addressed not only to the ecclesial community, but to all men of good will, have offered a range of positive declensions of the term "peace" that hold different dimensions together. Each contributes to building peace through peace, according to a reversal of the classical paradigm that saw war as a necessary way to peace. "Our" Paul VI had well expressed this intention in his 1965 speech to the UN, of which this passage seems emblematic to us: "And you know that peace is not built only by politics and the balance of forces and interests, but with the spirit, ideas, works of peace".

From a panel discussion in Washington

Sister Teresa Maya grew up hearing her "abuela" say, "People understand each other by speaking to one another." In her grandmother's wisdom, she said, lies a way to address the polarization that seems to affect every aspect of U.S. society today. Fostering "encuentros," or encounters, on the personal level and people "really being interested in the other side of the story" would go a long way to encourage folks with different opinions to dialogue about all manner of issues with civility, she told an audience at Georgetown University June 4.

        Sister Maya, a Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word from San Antonio, is president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. She was one of four speakers at the public session of a June 4-6 invitation-only conference on "Though Many, One: Overcoming Polarization Through Catholic Social Thought." Organizers said the conference was meant to be a starting point to bring about Pope Francis' vision of the church responding to human hurts and social challenges by living out the joy of the Gospel.

The Group of States against corruption (GRECO) has recently published three new reports :

8 MARCH 2018
GRECO publishes a report on Slovenia

6 MARCH 2018
GRECO publishes a report on Portugal

1 MARCH 2018
GRECO publishes a report on Greece

     An effort to promote peace in Pakistan starts at Convent of Jesus and Mary –Lahore through the peace cranes which carry the message of peace, love, friendship, hope, light, laughter, kind deeds and a life time bond with human kind.

     On, 21st September 2017, Matric Section commemorated International Day of Peace to create awareness on the importance of peace in this unrest and demanding world. Through this celebration children learnt to connect with themselves and discovered the power of peace. An angelic choir started off with the hymn “Make me an instrument of your peace” a prayer by St. Francis of Assisi – it is a part of daily routine to start our day. A projection of Peace Art Work and peace building activities were the anchor of this day. A candle was lit by Sr. Mari Puy RJM (Spain) Headmistress, Sr. Clara Hussain, Sr. Samina David along with the students, so the warmth instill in them and light always shine through these bright faces.

"If you want peace, irt only works with non violence, because violence creates violence again." This 8 minutes video about the work of members of the NGO-committee-on-peace Vienna was produced by its chairman Dr. Klaus Renolder in cooperation with the UN Organization for disarmament and nonproliferation, UNODA Vienna, (United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs) with active participation of six NGOs, among them PAX ROMANA. It was shown at the UNODA Vienna Forum July 2016 "Women Higher Education for Peace".

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Please, find hereafter a number of information and actions undertaken by the No Hate Speech Movement - Youth Department of the Council of Europe - European Youth Centre

Once again we want to propose to all men and all women of good will “A MINUTE FOR PEACE” to unite our efforts and our prayer for peace, unfortunately broken or threatened in several regions of the world.
It will be held on June 8, 2016 at 1.00 PM (13h) on the occasion of the second anniversary of the historical meeting between Pope Francis and the presidents of Israel and Palestine, held in the Vatican.
Our proposal is that that day t 1.00 PM (13h), each of us can stop for a moment, for a minute, praying according to one’s own tradition.
We can do it alone or in groups, in our home  or at work  or studying, or by a celebration in a place of prayer.
We want to offer everyone the opportunity, this sign, to encourage continuous prayer and commitment for peace and mercy, with a special intention for refugees who suffer every day the consequences of violence.

The Committee of Ministers held a thematic debate on “Rising extremism, radicalisation and xenophobia in the fight against terrorism: Building inclusive societies as a cure / The need for collective action” on 15 March 2016.

The Conference of INGOs submitted a written contribution to this debate in answering the following questions :

  • What challenges are facing your NGO in its actions to impede extremism and xenophobia?
  • Inclusion is now the focal point of the political agendas of international bodies, is this an opportunity for your NGO?
  • Have you noticed, for example, that the actions of your NGO have been seen in a more favourable light by national and international donors?

22 INGOs sent their contributions and Anna Rurka, President of the Conference of INGOs, submitted them to the Committee of Ministers.

Anna RURKA's report hereafter :