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Asian democracy is invariably uneven, ranging from the regressive democracy of Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam to the more authoritarian in China, South Korea, and finally the more robust democracy of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Democracy is a phase in the political theory of Barbara Geddes who explains how the different kind of totalitarian regimes, from military, single-party, personalist, or amalgams of pure types, morph into different post less-totalitarian and more democratized regimes. In other words, democratization leads to the downfall of dictatorship which is facilitated by poor short-term economic performance. On the other hand, greater economic development leads the citizens to demand for greater democratic governance.

Some people broke my office window in the middle of the night and came in to search for evidences against them, they give me death threat” said a Jesuit priest from Gujarat who is a human rights activist. I was in his office to learn about his works and it was the time of national 2014 elections. During this time, when many citizens were buying the pro-development agenda of a promising political party; there were some who were constantly ensuring the safeguard of democracy. This tug of war among the citizens got the nation a ruling government which is no less than a nightmare.

 On June 28, 2018, Duterte gave a speech at his hometown, Davao City, where he slammed the “God” From the book of Genesis as “Stupid”. “What He did was, Eve eats the apple, then she wakes up Adam... So Adam eats the apple. Then malice was born. Who is this stupid God ? That [expletives] is really stupid if that’s the case,” Duterte said.

This “God” that he was referring to is “the Alpha and the Omega”. God is omnipotent. God is bigger than anything, everything, and anyone. God does not need defending nor proving.  Any speeches against our God are irrelevant including that of Duterte’s. Such blasphemous speech was  a blessing in disguise that paved the way to a sudden national awakening. Filipinos have realized that the popular President, who was then against our Pope, is really against our  God, the Father, and against our Christ.

As a result, the President's popularity and approval ratings went downhill from 72% in December 2016 to 45% in June  2018, according to the country’s Social Weather System (S.W.S.). The way to enlightenment has been hard and excruciating. The majority of the population have become disoriented.  There  has  been  no  clear  leadership  to  oppose  the  populist.  They  do  not  know  where  to stand and whom to trust.