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Summer University in Slovenja. July 2014

At a time when the future is so uncertain, when beauty is no longer beautiful and we talk about the aesthetics of ugliness, when we proclaim self-realization as the heyday of life, at a time when the numbers of lessons of art and music are reduced, many educators are increasingly aware of the responsibility for an educational approach developing a whole person in its entirety.

 Plato already argued that there are three core values: truth, goodness and beauty. We add holiness to these. Consequently, the educational system should comprise a quest for truth (formation), inspire a desire for goodness (ethical education), and develop a sense for beauty (aesthetic education). Thus we can also help young people to get into contact with the sacred, with transcendence more easily (religious education).

This year’s meeting will primarily concentrate on topics of aesthetic education, which through the experience of beauty opens human beings to spirituality. Artists and educators will present and interpret their works. Listening to choral songs and visiting mosaics and monuments of architecture in Kranj and Ljubljana will add joyful practical experience. Language groups or workshops in four different languages will involve you in reflexions on the topics.

 The town of Kranj is situated at the confluence of the Sava and the Kokra rivers in the heart of the pre-alpine region and is connected to the international train and plane net. It is only 9 km away from the central Slovenian airport Joze Pučnik and 25 km from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

In the picturesque town with its many attractions you will be accommodated in a youth hostel near the town centre (http:/

 In addition to other surprising experiences on short trips during the meeting you can explore the karst area and the world-famous Škocjan Cave during the optional excursion.


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