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The ILO report “Global Employment Trends for Youth,” is an excellent document. It has practical approach to deal with youth's employment issues, ensuring their economic empowerment. Youth movements in the church need to take a look at this area of youth economic empowerment. Entrepreneurial opportunities and various income generation models for the marginalized youth are highlighted in this document. Labour Commissions in the church can play an instrumental role and translate this to various communities, especially the marginalized ones. I really insist one should read this, as it has helped me gain insights and ideas for promoting financial inclusion of youth through employment opportunities.

MDGs are a question mark, though efforts have been made to achieve , the indicators and outcome is not clear. Wondering if this was purely a political agenda. Though a country like Bhutan can be a good example of how they have converted the MDGs in their favor with such simple interventions. I am glad that efforts are made towards Youth Conference in Sri Lanka to advocate for youth employment. It is also important to add value to these sectors where youth work, to ensure sustainability and value creation in the society. Wishing the team the very best at the conference in SriLanka.

The new study examines the continuing job crisis affecting young people in many parts of the world. It provides updated statistics on global and regional youth unemployment rates and presents ILO policy recommendations to curb the current trends.

Key findings

Youth jobs’ gains wiped out by slow recovery