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Excess is a common feature of the negative part of today's society (ecological destruction, accumulation of wealth). It is the result of social desease, individual (eg, toxicomania) and collective (eg, euphoria or panic in the market places).

Indeed financial capitalism attacks the heart of our civilization, social heart with the destruction of the middle class, or the destruction of entire societies like Mali. He even attacks markets with monopolies; it is necessary to distinguish the market which is in a logic of exchange and requires regulation from the capitalism which is in a logic of accumulation and power and needs deregulation. He finally attacks the ethical and spiritual heart of the Western society. Competitiveness is the only marker of a society and money becomes an end rather than a means, that all the great spirituality have always considered a red line. Our decisions are based on an false evaluation of growth, which denies fundamental as to give life, but assigns the value that is destructive as war-related production.

But new experiences show how to develop cooperation in disaster areas like Detroit. They need to link three conditions:

- A creative resistance

- A transformative vision that unlocks the imagination, stimulates the desire to face current stunning effects

- Anticipatory experiments.

According to Stuart Mill, the saturation of the market should be a good news: it can free up time for more important things.


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