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Christianity is dying before everyone in Poland. The reason for this is not the propaganda of freethinkers or the activities of freemason lodges and international conspiracies. We ourselves are eradicating Christianity, we, clergymen, the most zealous members of the Church, at our own request and with our own hands. Fewer and fewer people identify with the Church. The Statistical Institute of the Catholic Church recently recorded the largest decline in practicing Catholics in years. In 2016, the figure fell by more than 3 percent compared to 2015 to 36.7 percent - the lowest figure in Poland's post-war history.

My remarks about the present condition and role of the Catholic Church in Poland are not based on the formal sociological research, for I am not a sociologist. I would like just to share some observations and concerns which I live through as Christian and priest. My report is mostly based on the personal experience, but in spite of the subjective prospective I seek to objectivize my views as much as possible by taking into account a broader context.

1. Looking Through the Prism of Statistics

First let us ask what the statistics say about the Catholic Church in Poland. In the context of the Western countries of Europe the Catholic Church in my country manifests to be quite strong institution and living community of believers. Over 30 % of the entire population of Poland are “dominicantes” and this means that they participate in Mass every Sunday. One needs to add that in the South of Poland the percentage of “dominicantes” is higher and in some places it reaches 40%. Though the number of dominicantes and comunicantes keeps being exceptionally high, there is a remarkable tendency of downfall. In the recent year 2017 the fall reached 3, 2 % and it should be already alarming.

Open letter addressed to international public opinion, at the initiative of the civic NGOs in Poland.

We are writing to you from Poland. And from many other places in the world, where we live, study and work. We, the Poles, who do not agree with how current policy casts a pall over the Polish-Jewish relations developed over the years. We write to all of you who look at Poland today with disbelief, sadness or anger.

We write because we want you to know that regardless of how radical and inappropriate the positions of Polish authorities or certain groups are, these are not the positions and views of us all. We ask that you keep current politics in perspective, although we know how difficult this may be.

Following the publication of the legal opinion (n° NGO-POL/303/2017 [AIC]) of OSCE/ODIHR on the draft Act on the National Freedom Institute - Centre for the Development of Civil Society, the Conference of INGOs reiterates its concern in a letter to the Polish authorities

Communique of Ms Rurka, President of the Conference of INGOs (20 July 2017)

Letter from Mr Stanczyk, Ambassador of Poland to the Council of Europe following the communique of Ms Rurka (31 July 2017)

Letter from Ms Rurka to Ambassador Stanczyk following the publication of the legal opinion of OSCE/ODIHR (23 August 2017)


We, the undersigned, are Catholics who respect the Church’s moral stance against abortion. We are writing to you with a request to engage in dialogue and reflection about the possible consequences of criminalizing abortion in Poland.

We uphold the sanctity of all human life, including the right to life of women and their unborn children. However, we also acknowledge that sometimes women and girls face agonizing decisions about whether or not to continue with a pregnancy that is the consequence of an act of sexual violence; that poses a serious threat to their own health, or that would result in the birth of a profoundly disabled or terminally ill child. While we respect those who decide to continue with such a pregnancy, we do not believe that this decision can be imposed upon them through moral coercion, and far less through the force of law. In our view, the latter constitutes a violation of a woman’s freedom of conscience and personal dignity, and it runs counter to the Catholic tradition’s distinction between morality and legality. The law should not be used to control a person’s moral life, except when that person’s behaviour poses a threat to society.

   Pawel Broszkowski – vice-president of the Warsaw KIK has outlined the current situation in the European Union as seen from the Polish perspective. In his statement he said among others, that “Political parties active in many European countries like in France, Netherlands or the United Kingdom and those who came to power in such countries as Hungary and recently in Poland, display nationalistic and xenophobic mood and openly show their unfriendly attitudes toward the EU”.

Interview in english.

The situation in Poland is very strange. The new government thinks he can do whatever he wants, trying to make the work of tribunal impossible. We are waiting for European commission report to correct it. But the government will not obey. Now we have protests in the streets against government’s dictatorial tendencies. The party won under very traditional catholic slogans. The bishops could not say anything, it was in line of the church’s teaching, but in a pharisean way.

We received with pain the news of the death of the late Tadeusz Mazowiecki , the co-founder of the Warsaw KIK , an honorary member of this Club, a member of the Chapter Award " Pontifical " - builder of bridges , spiritual and intellectual father of the KIK, Prime Minister of the first government after the changes of 1989.