Austrians, Spanish - Catalan, French, Poles, Ukrainians : SIIAEC met in Warsaw from 20 to 22 April for its statutory meeting on the theme "Solidarity in Europe".

Lectures from Members of European Parliament, University Professors and from the Representative of Pax Romana at the Council of Europe, allowed participants exchanging and reflecting on "fraternity" and "populism".  A series of points have thus emerged to help each of us to better understand and progress, personally and together on such important subjects.

Populisms insidiously influence judgments under the "appearance of good" and by manipulating the "fears", which are so sensitive to the human heart. In a world whose complexity is increasing and unpredictability is accelerating, it becomes reassuring to provide "simplistic" answers. Their validity seems based on an indisputable and universal clarity... while recent studies show that political lies progress all the faster as the level of education and critical thinking diminish.