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The 3 members of Icmica Pax Romana in Catalunya have published the following statement:

In reference to the Supreme Court’s sentence that condemns different social and political Catalan leaders the undersigning Christian entities want to express the following:

1. We consider that this judgment and its sentence are a serious attack of the essential democratic principles of our society and it is also a serious violation of the human rights of the people affected due to the improper application of the penal laws to facts that cannot be considered criminal, with the result of abusive penalties being imposed. We also consider that there have been violations of the procedural guarantees during the judgment processes, as it has been pointed out by the working group on arbitrary arrests of the United Nations Human Rights Council, and as it has been denounced by multiple national and international NGO'S of Human Rights (International Federation of Human Rights, Amnesty International, World Organization against Torture, International Federation of Christians for the abolition of torture...).

2. In our opinion, this judgment and its sentence is a serious regression for the resolution of the political conflict that affects Catalonia and threat the social coexistence and democracy. For this reason, as organizations committed to service our society, we will be supporting civic and peaceful initiatives that express a rejection of this judicial decision. We also claim to the political institutions of the Spanish State to seek a legal solution to release unfairly condemned people, and to promote a dialogue environment to solve the existing political conflict.

3. We express our deep worry and disappointment as the repeated calls to dialogue during the last years have not been successful. We regret that it has not been possible “to advance on the way of dialogue and understanding, respecting to the rights and institutions and with non-confrontation, helping our society to become a place of brotherhood, freedom and Peace.” (Note from the Tarraconense Episcopal Conference, 15 May 2017).

4. For all these reasons, we demand to all institutions and political parties involved to stop the judicialization of this conflict and start immediately a multilateral political dialogue process that allows to move forward into a democratic and durable resolution of this conflict and that return the harmony and social peace.


Anna Vila President of MPCB

Nuria Sastre Domenech President of the Jurist group Roda Ventura

David Jou, President of the Foundation Joan Maragall


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