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Mercy, a political act?

Exorcising mercy almost a year ago, Pope Francis launched the Jubilee of Mercy, with the aim of helping us to experience mercy, both the mercy which all of us need to receive from God and the mercy we must show towards all those overwhelmed by suffering.

But there are some words which are traitorous: words that though they mean positive and good things, sound bad, at least to some people. One of these words is mercy. Is mercy a weakness? Nietzsche said, ‘I do not like the merciful who feel blessed in their pity”. And maybe modern man feels too self-sufficient.

Indifference and mercy in the political context of Congo DRC

     Since June 2015, I have been a member of the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) of the DRC.  I had the privilege of having been appointed by the civil society organisations working in the civic and electoral education for a non-renewable six-year term  Our main challenge, as a member of CENI, is to organise fair and transparent elections at local, provincial and national levels.  In particular, I am in charge of following up the youth, persons living with disabilities and indigenous populations. 

Compassion in times of moral panic

From freedom to security

The leading value put forward by politicians today is not freedom but rather security. The world, value systems, society, health, culture – all of these are portrayed as vulnerable and open to attack, and are therefore perceived as such.

This reality is concocted by the media, which have their agendas of economic and political interests, fuelled by daily rations of shock, horror, fear and vulnerability.


Yet “freedom”, not “security”, is the message that the major religions of the world are putting forward, namely their vision of “what is still possible”. This is the message that religious representatives should be proclaiming, whether or not the timing is right.

Understanding fear: moral panic

Draft Strategic Plan

This draft strategic plan includes:

- long term guidelines

- plan of action for the year 2017.

These documents will be discussed during the statutory session in Barcelona.


An Approach to God's Mercy

     Mercy was just another word for me in the dictionary, i grew up getting familiar with this word especially in the catholic church. I never found the context of mercy empowering, as I found the usage of this word in stories, where one had to fall on their knees and ask the lord for forgiveness, shouting "have mercy on me lord, have mercy" something i often heard at Good Friday services. When the door of mercy was opened by Pope in Rome, i was wondering if walking through this door will save my soul. To acknowledge, i have not yet entered these local holy doors in Mumbai. However, the opening of the doors while led to the altar, i determined to open the door the other side that led to the people of this world. Since i trust the pope of my generation, i took on to live this year of mercy as guided by his holiness. I was fortunate to have been invited by Fr. Leon Cruz sdb, the missionary of mercy from India to join him in this work. And so my journey in understanding this grace of mercy began. One of the opportunity was to update my reflections on Facebook Page, ' 'Face of Mercy'. This kept me alert all the time to see where can i find this face of mercy. And guidance by Fr. Leon helped me grow in faith.

See and pass by

     Mercy, Compassion, Love sounds very comfortable. As a human being everyone wants to experience these verbs. As the theme of this Year, it becomes more verbal in our daily life. While living stroll around the streets. I am curious to know whether it is the real world or the world of the fake? I saw a great shift in Humanity. Humanity  being praised and being insulted. Why humanity is suffering? Humanity is dragging on the roads and humanity is being honour among the rich. The pair of shoes  has more dignity and leisure’s of life as it is been displayed nicely in the shopping mall and on the other hand  the child of the poor is sleeping on the road enjoying the melody traffic and taps by sun on the road. 

India: from indifference to mercy

Pope Paul VI visited Mumbai, India, in 1964, for the Eucharistic Congress, as he walked down a park, with Fr Eustace D'Lima and others,they kept talking to the Pope. He suddenly stopped and said, "How indifferent can you all be?" And he added, "Are you not struck by the overwhelming poverty of the people?" Massive poverty of India and other Third World countries was well known to them so much that they passed by the poor without even noticing the poor.