Barcelona program

We shall arrive in Barcelona, as members of Pax Romana with our histories, cultural backgrounds and hopes for the future. First we want to take time to be together, which is not possible in the ordinary life, to share what is important for us as brothers and sisters, and also what is less important.

                But it is a time for discernment. We shall take time to see our movement, how it is dealing with the challenges of the world in different countries, time to reflect on this situation, time to organize our action in the future.

                All this is sustained by two ideas:

- a common thread : to move from indifference to mercy, which is not only a thematic issue but a change of attitude in Pax Romana life,

- the openness to the Holy Spirit, with times for meditation, praying together and celebrating as a Christian community.

Spiritual experience in the PA2016

"From indifference to mercy". During the assembly there will be times for debates, to open up ourselves to the richness and diversity of our international movement. But they will take their full meaning through times of silence, to contemplate what is happening, enter in ourselves and experience how God reveals his presence during these days. The space and time that we dedicate to this listening is fundamental. This time will take the following forms:

From indifference to mercy, which commitment?

Why this title?

Before Easter time 2015, Pope Francis was pointing out that one the most pressing challenge is to address the "globalization of indifference", the selfish and indifferent attitude towards the suffering of others that has achieved a global dimension. Some months later the Pope was announcing 2016 as the year of the mercy, that it may be considered as a response to this human indifference attitude. It’s about to recover the gratuity and goodness, the human link with the other human, the only way to have a fuller sense of human and divine world. However, this transformation process from the indifference to the mercy requires commitment, which one?

Call for 32nd Plenary assembly

Call for the official delegates

               In accordance with the Statutes of the International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, ICMICA/MIIC (Pax Romana), you are called to take part in the 32nd Plenary Assembly of the movement to be held in Barcelona (Catalunya - Spain) from October 31st to November 1st 2016.

              The Plenary Assembly will start with an International Conference from October 28th to 30th on the theme «From indifference to mercy, our commitment? » During the statutory session from October 31st to November 1st, we will share the life and activities of the International movement during the period of 2012-2016 and elect a new leadership for the next four years 2016-2020.

A movement for change

“Opening up the sails to the wind of the Spirit

The International Council of Pax Romana-ICMICA met in Rome in October 2015. Together, we celebrated the 100th meeting of the International Council and the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. We reflected on the life of the movement, listened to the local reality of our national federations and studied the state of global governance with a public lecture. From this reflection, and in light of the Year of Mercy, we have launched the preparation process for the next Plenary Assembly which will take place in Barcelona (Cataluña Spain):

from Friday October 28th 2016,

to Tuesday November 1st, All Saints Day.