Pax Romana Representation at the UN Vienna

In Vienna the following NGO Committees are operating:

NGO Committee on
    - Ageing
    - Peace
    - Status of Women (CSW)
    - Sustainable Development
    - The Family
    - Narcotic Drugs
NGO Alliance for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

     Until recently, Pax Romana delegates were active in all the committees mentioned above, except the one on Ageing. - At present we are participating intensively in the Committee Status of Women (Annemarie Weinzettl) and Peace (Helga Kerschbaum). For the other committees we are looking for persons to replace some momentary vacant – respectively provisionally occupied – committees and hope to start with full engagements in January 2017.

UN Advocacy team report

     Building on its previous years of hard work, the Pax Romana United Nations Advocacy Team is now more involved in UN processes than ever before. By engaging in advocacy through entities such as the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (UN MGCY) and the International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organizations (ICMYO) , for which the Team acts as formal Liaison to the UN, the Advocacy Team has fostered relationships within a wide range of UN processes ,

Council of Europe 2012 - 2016

1. The Conference of INGOs.

Since January 2015, the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe has elected a new President: Anna RURKA. This is a major and positive change in the management of the Conference. Anna’s programme is as follows:

1.1. Objectives and guidelines:

• “…. A Conference with the courage to express opposing arguments as a token of its strength and perceptive of complexity where others see mere complication.
• A Conference aiming at political, economic and strategic efficiency based on ethical principles.
• A conference armed with proposals, heeded, understood, intelligent in its diversity and respectful towards what all the policies in the world have in common: the human being”.