Italia June

MEIC general assembly has gathered 250 participants in Assisi. In a historical and preoccupant moment, Meic wants to play his role of dialogue promoter, as a service to a society in a deep social and political crisis, and to the church where so many have difficulties to implement the renewal process introduced by Pope Francis.

Geneva June

Yvette submitted a statement to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on the peace process in Colombia: the withdrawal of FARC created areas of lawlessness where violence has become more important than before the process.

India June

Marina (Mumbai): Dialogue Yatra is an opportunity to explore the lives of people in your city. It is designed to give people an experience on how dialogues can create value in the society in our day to day lives. The word Yatra means ‘journey’ in the Indian language Hindi. We journey each day in our lives and each day we journey through dialogues. Dialogues with self, with nature, with animals and with humans. It is a cosmic dance.

Nepal June

Prakash : Nepal has first phase of local level election after 20 years: Maoist revolution (1996-2006), first election for Constitutional Assembly 2008, second election 2013, abolishment of Hindu Monarchy and declaration of secular country 2007, New constitution 2015. Second phase of election on June 28th.

Austria June 2017

The KAVÖ (Austria) celebrated its 70th anniversary in Graz: « a Christian intellectual thinks universally, which is important in times of nationalism, he brings together action and reflection: reflection without action is fruitless, action without reflection is rudimentary. »