Mumbai India: Discussin meeting on Pacem in Terris

13th April- The meeting began with a prayer of thanksgiving for human rights workers and peace builders. This kind of discussion was new to many and thus introduction to encyclicals, church documents and importance of such documents was shared. Significance of Pacem in Terris was read and a quick comment was taken to set the base for discussion. The structure of the encyclical Pacem in Terris was screened to get a gist of all the headings in the encyclical. Participants then picked up points for reflection from the encyclical to discuss the relevance of Pacem in Terris in the world today. Reflections on being a responsible citizen, political structure and current political scenario of India and Economic Rights were reflected on a strong note. This further helped in understanding inter-religious conflicts and lack of trust among each other in India. Issues of other countries like Ukrain, Pakistan, Africa were discussed. It was evident that we all wanted peace, but on reflection it was clear that it happened only once we take concrete actions towards human welfare and standing up for human rights, not only for ourselves but also for others.