After the council, times of renewal

The decisions of the Plenary Assembly 5/08/2012

 A new Council

Javier Iguinez (Peru) President, Luis Maria Goikoetxea, (Basque Country) Chaplain, Philippe Ledouble (France) Secretary General, Eneko caballero (Basque country) Treasurer.

Kevin Ahern (USA), Vice President for North America, Adrian Pereira (Malaysia), Vice President for Asia Pacific, Fredrick Wamalwa (Kenya), Vice president for Africa, Ramon Ibeas (Basque Country), Vice President for Europe, Ana Claudia de Los Heros (Uruguay), Vice President for Latin America

Emerging theologians and the 50th anniversary

In March 2012 over sixty “emerging theologians” from twelve countries and six continents met at Boston College for the “Visions of Hope” conference, organized in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. These advanced graduate students, junior faculty, and young church leaders presented papers and participated in discussions about the future of the Church. Rooted in the texts of Vatican II and a commitment to the Church, the following are some of the concerns and hopes raised by many of the participants. Click here.

Theology of Global reform

There is little doubt that the global community is presently in the midst of a serious economic crisis.  As politicians in the United States and Europe remain at (prideful) loggerheads over what to do, scores of people are suffering from the economic impacts of the failing economy. The gap between the superrich and poor seems to be increasing by the second. For many, this is a question of basic resources—a question of life and death. Albeit in different ways, the popular movements of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street in the United States and the street protestors in Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany and other nations reflect the concern and discontent at the present economic order. Clearly, something must change.

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Muslim's vision in Indonesia

 A Muslim’s Vision: Indonesia in Experience and Action.

 What is the situation: the “Shadow” and “Light” periods—with all facts and potential problems they might engender are a part of what we call “religious fundamentalism” 

Which answer : Pondok Pesantren: The Vanguard of an Open-minded Muslim Community.

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