Pax Romana voices

Here are short interviews of Pax Romana Icmica members. They are asked for 3 questions:
- What were the recent activities of the movement at the national or local level?
- What are the main challenges they have to face in the movement?
- What are the main characteristics of the context in which they live?

Cop21 Rome Paris pilgrimage

Language: Italian - English


Focsiv (Federazione degli Organismi Cristiani Servizio Internazionale Volontario) is organizing a pilgrimage from Rome to Paris to support the COP21 meeting. The challenge is to ask people to change their life style,  to offer a future to the earth and to our children. Women have a particular role to play in their mission  in family and education.

Gerald: the Newman association (video)

Language: English

Inspired by Card Newman, the associations organizes reflections on themes as: "Economy, what can I do?", "Crisis in the Church"

MIIC au Congo RDC (vidéo)

Language: French. Subtitles in English.

Les défis du MIIC au Congo RDC: Sécurité, droits humains, protection des femmes et des filles, processus électoraux, engagement dans la société, en particulier pour les chrétiens.


Amanda: Activities in East Malaysia (video)

Language: English


Salt is acting in East Mamaysia to help young people to become "contemplative activists" by analyzing the local situation, conduct a theological reflection and act with indigenous communities. Among the challenges of the movement, how to transfer the knowledge to the younger generations? A the political level, migrants are often used for election purposes.

Kevin: challenges in North America (vidéo)

Language: english

Racial or economic, there are many divisions in North America. And in an individualistic society it is difficult to bring people together, to reflect and act on this themes.

Marinella: Sicily development (video)

Language: Italian. Subtitles in english

Marinella is President of the Sicily group of MEIC. Significant part of the current reflection is on environment, necessity of education and changes in the way of thinking. There are still big challenges, as more respect to the law

Beppe: activities and challenges in Italy (vidéo)

Language: italian, subtitles in english

Beppe is President of MEIC: Movimento Ecclesiale d'impegno culturale. (Church movement for commitment in the society). Recently MEIC has participated in the Expo 2015 in Milano, reflecting on food and right to food. Among the main challenges is the future of Europe: the risk to face the migrant crisis by means who contradict the basic values of European Union.