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 Welcome to the Pax Romana interactive website. This website is :

- an information tool available for anybody interested in the activities of the Pax Romana community, his members and his movements.

- a study tool for his members, where to find documents, declarations, analysis either coming from Pax Romana or friends organizations.

- an internal communication tool between members and movements, to share ideas through comments areas, forums.

 General information


You need to be registered in order to be able to login. Registration can be done by going to « Register ».  Fulfill the registration form and you will receive an email confirming your registration and giving you the username and the pass word.


The website is multilingual, with English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, partly translated

The structure of the website: the menu

The main menu on the top, shows different titles:

About us

 Here can be found the following presentations:

The website
The global movement, his branches (ICMICA and IMCS) and few historical documents
The member movements according to the different geographical areas, with email address to get in contact with.
The networks according the thematic areas (topics, professions, platforms).
The different facebook pages and groups in relation with Pax Romana
The access to the Icmica forum

International institutions

            These are the institutions where Pax Romana has a NGO representative status. It presents the activities of Pax Romana in these institutions.


         This section presents different international activities run by ICMICA Pax Romana, his federations and or members, classifed according to the theme, including the regional and plenary assemblies.

This includes the workshops, ongoing participative projects: the project can be to make a statement or a position paper to contribute in the debats of an International Institution for example.

This participation can be done through the forum of the website or the forums of other movements.


Here are different articles on themes chosen according to their importance, coming from members or news articles .

Press review

Here are the results of a regular survey made on different websites related to our activity. The articles only remain here 7 days. In case an article is worth to be kept, members can transfer it on the website following the process described on top of the page.

Members' zone (Restricted access)

From this place, members have access:

- Council activities: Reports, planning for the future…

- Tools  to submit new articles or new events which will appear on the general agenda. There is a user guides with information on how to create or modifiy articles or events. This information is also provided by tutorials in dailymotion.

- List of registered members, global list of special lists according to geographic areas, professional activities etc…

My Profile

It allows to update it with photo, personal characteristics, interests. This information is very important to set up groups of common interests, workshops, specialized information…


How to participate through the website?

 To comment on existing articles

Each article has a space for comments. This space is specially used during the preparation of events such as a council. It is particularly useful in case of validation of a PR statement.

To submit articles you would like to share

Once uploaded, the article has to be validated by the webmaster.

To take part in the debates on the forum.

To answer to already existing topics or to create new ones. The forum, in the restricted area, allows a debate on a specific theme. Few themes have been proposed to the forum, without real success, but recently a draft paper of the Catholic NGOs represented in Geneva, has been more efficient with posts coming from 4 continents. It shows the necessity to appoint a moderator, who can propose a synthesis at the end.

Everybody can be automatically informed by mail of what is happening on the forum


Newsletters are sent for general information or on specific themes, to the community members who have expressed their interests through their profile on the website. (International institution, Pax Romana...)

RSS feed

Each page of the website has a RSS feed. It allows to be automatically informed of any change or new article on this page. The RSS feed on the frontpage is a way to be informed of the main articles.

In case you meet difficulties to login, use Firefox. Free download here

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