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Priorities of the French Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (17 May – 27 November 2019)

 The French Presidency will be marked by the official celebration of the Council of Europe's 70th  anniversary in Strasbourg, on the margins of the Parliamentary Assembly October part-Session, as well as the taking of office of a new Secretary General.

France will ensure that the Organisation’s cohesion is maintained . With its 47 member States, the Council of Europe forms the main platform for dialogue and co-operation on the scale of the European continent and has contributed to the creation of a shared legal space. Confronted with the rise of populism and extremism, we must gather around common values, build on the foundation of the European Convention on Human Rights and uphold the authority of the Court that guarantees compliance with the Convention.

The French Presidency will work in a spirit of trust and dialogue with the Parliamentary Assembly to overcome the difficulties of the last few years and boost the capacity of those two bodies to act jointly in

crisis situations, within the framework of the principles that guide our Organisation.

France wishes to use the opportunity afforded by its Presidency to help build the Council of Europe of tomorrow. This means consolidating the achievements of the past 70 years and responding to new

challenges linked to the development of technologies and of societies.

The Council of Europe has always demonstrated its ability to innovate and anticipate, devising new instruments to protect rights and freedoms. It must continue in this pioneering role for the benefit of our

continent's 830 million inhabitants. This also presupposes that the Organisation's financial sustainability is guaranteed.

With all this in mind, France has selected three priorities for its Presidency: 1) preserving and consolidating the European system of human rights protection, 2) promoting equality and  living together,

3) meeting the new challenges facing human rights and the rule of law.

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