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ILO (International labour organisation) is on its way towards it’s centenary (in 2019), inspired by the theme of “Future of Work”. Besides technological, economical or fair trading aspects, the project « Future of Work ; Labour after Laudato Si » calls for the emergence of ethical and spiritual foundations for building a future of work, authentically humanistic for all.

The questionnaire below can serve as a guide to identify together the specificities, challenges and opportunities to be placed at the heart of the development of a "Future of Work" that truly serves the dignity of women and men, of all ages, nationalities and cultures.

It covers 6 areas of exchange and proposals: youth, women, social solidarity, money, formal economy and sustainable development. In each field it raises four questions: which values, which risks, which proposals and which interreligious convergences.

The questionnaire is attached.


Download this file (Decent work questionnaire Oct 2018 .docx)Decent work questionnaire Oct 2018 .docx 

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