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 Strasbourg, 28/03/2014 – In an online statement, the Council of Europe’s European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) expressed grave concern at serious allegations of intimidation and discrimination against Ukrainian speakers and Tatars in the Crimean region, now under the de facto control of the Russian Federation


"Civil society actors must be able to do their work freely, independently, safe from fear, retaliation or intimidation. This requires collective action to denounce reprisals and defend free voices and protect those targeted," said the UN Secretary-General, referring to civil society as "an indispensable part of the United Nations".

Being part of groups and movements is the best way to influence young people. That is the way I am moving right now with my movement building activities. Here below are few activities mentioned of Jan and Feb.

1. Exposure Visit with Parish Youth to Dadra Nagar Haveli

(Border of Gujarat and Maharastra). We met the Warli Indigenous people and were there with them for a day. It was a learning experience. What I felt was many youth have no base about the communities in India. It was very difficult for many to absorb the new things that they experienced in the community. I felt the need of giving them an introduction as to who are Indigenous People and how they live. How best we could learn from them and other reflections. Nevertheless, the day long exposure was enriching for many youth and they were open to learnings like this.

Tamil Christian Clergy from North-East Sri Lanka call for an international investigation mechanism from the UN Human Rights Council

 Before the 19th and 22nd sessions of the UN HRC, some of us, as Tamil Christian clergy serving in the war ravaged North and East of Sri Lanka, wrote to the members of the UN HRC, appealing to appoint an international mechanism to look into allegations of violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, during the war in Sri Lanka. We have experienced, heard and seen indications of numerous such allegations. Our own experience and knowledge correspondent to the findings and recommendations of the UN Panel of Experts, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and well known Sri Lankan and international human rights organizations.

Shahid  of ICMICA  Pakistan- Last I heard he has gone into hiding for his own good after a house break in and threatening SMSes after his Geneva intervention.(probably changed his email and ID by now).