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What can be done to overcome a crisis?
Tomáš Baťa (the founder of the today biggest manufacturer of shoes worldwide) said in the 30s of the last century that a crisis is nothing than moral misery.
Is this still valid today? What do you think?

SIIAEC Email network:    Considerations about debts.

1) Human beings or states may have debts by many reasons:

+ By taking a credit, to carry out a project, which cannot be covered by the available resources.  

+ Without big projects there can arise considerable debts as well, when a household (private or public) regularly spends more than its income can cover.

+ Bankhouses live by offering credits. In order to raise turnover and profit, they try to attract  clients, sometimes clients with weak financial standing. These credits cause debts by  external reasons, like the recent immobility credits in theUnited States.

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