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Online participative events

You can take part online to the following events. For that, after login, register by clicking on the event.

Human dignity, security and future of Europe
Fri Oct 06, 2017 -- Sun Oct 08, 2017
The study session is organized by Obnova. To take part in the event, the registration is done by Obnova by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This online registration is only for online participation.
Lviv (Ukrain)
The main objectives are  to exchange experience and knowledge on Christian prospective on human dignity in the context of maintaining security and ke...

1517 and all that ... The Relevance of the Reformation Today
Sat Oct 28, 2017 @10:30 -- Sat Oct 28, 2017 @15:30
Organized by Newman association and St Albans Cathedral Study Centre
St Columba’s College, St Albans, UK
The Protestant Reformation, in its noble aim of radically purifying Christian belief and practice, convulsed Europe and led to massive fragmentation a...

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Final Declaration of Pax Romana-IMCS issued by the International Council of IMCS at their meeting in Foligno... https://t.co/ejJ05lU9LN
Pope Francis has published today, Septembre 7th, a book about Politics and society (in French), a dialogue with... https://t.co/vP0fUIWYwc
Pax Romana/IMCS organized a summerschool in Flores (Indonesia) from July 7th to July 17th. Here a testimony from... https://t.co/j9rktEPRLb
Colombia: from September 6th to 11th, the pope is visiting the country, to support the peace process, to... https://t.co/3NjE9jWhDP
For the World Day of Migrants and refugees (2018, January 14th), Pope Francis has issued his message : Welcoming,... https://t.co/eCMQLKjDeL
Terror attack in Barcelona: the Europeans are extremely moved, their medias are full of this information, it is... https://t.co/ye4udoTjHa
We have only friends in Barcelona and we want to be close to them in these difficult moment to rescue humanity... https://t.co/XmwufDsLs3
Here is an interview with ICMICA President Kevin Ahern - on the Daily Theology Podcast -... https://t.co/SOtkNNZkT1