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Written by Sana Mariam, former IMCS student in Pakistan, currently in the Philippines... https://t.co/GvwqUaOdaU
Sr. Yvette Angulo Rincón of the Pax Romana ICMICA and IMCS team in Geneva made the following written and oral... https://t.co/D2YCXYZxFS
For an English text, just click and change the language ! https://t.co/sl0y7ZFM30
This Artist Painted God as a Black Woman and Got a Lot of People Mad https://t.co/py0rst3DQk
Dear friends, It was with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Dr. Elisabeth Pomberger (1931... https://t.co/p9COWLmiJ7
Adrian Pereira remains an icon of Pax Romana. He embodies the real spirit of Pax Romana. He simply practices what... https://t.co/JtYXQnQhN5
Why and how the West (so called first world) messes up the developing world. https://t.co/M0ryanQzLo