Peace and disarmament in UN Vienna

"If you want peace, irt only works with non violence, because violence creates violence again." This 8 minutes video about the work of members of the NGO-committee-on-peace Vienna was produced by its chairman Dr. Klaus Renolder in cooperation with the UN Organization for disarmament and nonproliferation, UNODA Vienna, (United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs) with active participation of six NGOs, among them PAX ROMANA. It was shown at the UNODA Vienna Forum July 2016 "Women Higher Education for Peace".

For the video, click on the image.

A minute for peace

Once again we want to propose to all men and all women of good will “A MINUTE FOR PEACE” to unite our efforts and our prayer for peace, unfortunately broken or threatened in several regions of the world.
It will be held on June 8, 2016 at 1.00 PM (13h) on the occasion of the second anniversary of the historical meeting between Pope Francis and the presidents of Israel and Palestine, held in the Vatican.
Our proposal is that that day t 1.00 PM (13h), each of us can stop for a moment, for a minute, praying according to one’s own tradition.
We can do it alone or in groups, in our home  or at work  or studying, or by a celebration in a place of prayer.
We want to offer everyone the opportunity, this sign, to encourage continuous prayer and commitment for peace and mercy, with a special intention for refugees who suffer every day the consequences of violence.

Faith in Challenging Times

      Recently we read in the press that over 1000 Muslim scholars and imams of India have issued a fatwa against the leader, fighters and followers of the self-declared Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State (ISIS). In the fatwa the religious scholars “strongly condemned the actions of the IS”. They censured ISIS of “guilty of committing heinous murders of innocent human beings, clicking images of their horrific misdeeds and showing them to the world through live videos and Internet posts, and at the same time, wrongly claiming these to be "Islamic Acts done lawfully as per the Shariah (Islamic Law)”. The scholars emphatically stated that the IS or ISIS actions were "absolutely inhuman and added that Islam never permits such unlawful acts under any circumstances" (