What means evangelization for me?

During the Iscam meeting (International Catholic Action Movements April 2016) we shared definitions of Evangelization , according to the charisms of the different movements:

1 Evangelizing is to account for what has pushed us to act in order to make situations more human.

2 Evangelisation is faith in God which leads to personal transformation and a conviction to reach out to others.

3 Evangelisation enables personal, environmental and structural  transformation

4 Evangelisation is a prophetic act of humanity with solidarity, which opens the future.

New culture, new evangelization

The new Evangelization is confronted with modern culture and its new vision of Man and the World. It means that the Church has to rephrase differently its universal discourse, external to the different cultures it addresses, so it can force itself upon all men. It should admit that this discourse is part and parcel of a history, a specific proposition of the Judeo-Christian heritage, of the Greeks and of the age of Enlightenment in Western Europe.

Dialogue or Evangelization?

Question: In his Encyclical Redemptoris Missio, Pope John Paul II recalled that "salvation comes from Christ and that dialogue does not dispense from evangelization." (55) A reader writes us that the task of the dialogue seems to outweigh the mission of evangelization. " What does it mean?

Pax Romana strategies

The recent synod is not a single event but the beginning of a process. Our eflection on the Pax Romana strategy in this process is based on the documents published by the synod. Among them are the declarations of the bishops published on the Vatican website;

Thses declarations have been classified by country in the attached document.


(梵 蒂冈电台讯)国际罗马和平会总会为响应即将于梵蒂冈召开的第十三届世界主教会议,10月3日至5日邀请五大洲代表及同为公教进行会的国际天主教大学生联合 会与国际天主教青年会齐聚罗马圣法王路易堂研讨本届世界主教会议的主题:「传播基督信仰的新福传」。数十名各地与会代表分享当地教会现况及阅读世界主教会 议文件的反思,并提出不分铎职、平信徒,以因地因人制宜的爱德行动传播天主福音。

Why are Americans walking away from religion?

Because they are living more separate lives and disengaging from all forms of communal activities? Because countries with a high gross domestic product tended to be less religious? Because they perceive religion as deeply entangled with conservative politics and they do not want to have any association with it? Because the religious institutions are too concerned with money and power and too involved in politics?

The goal or the way?

Rather than giving answers, we should learn to ask questions, study tools and not only goals, build relationships, personal, social and institutional structures able to nurish social cohesion inclusive of different identities. The essentials of the Christian faith is the choice to stay in the middle,