What world do we wish to build together?

     Established in 1947 with the impulse of Bishop Roncalli - Saint John XXIII - to be a presence and a voice for Christian NGOs at UNESCO, the CCIC is carrying on its mission of being a center for reflection and remaining a force for proposals reflecting the field experience of its members international network.

     The CCIC is sharing the concerns of international institutions, states and civil society on the state of the world.

      In the preparation of its Forum, the CCIC reflection work prioritized topics related to these concerns. It led to the selection of three domains related to UNESCO’s missions : culture, science and education.

Enriched with the contributions of speakers from diverse backgrounds, the Forum aims at answering the question «What world do we wish to build together ?» through:
• Alerting the public
• Broadening our horizons
• Bringing forward proposals
• Initiating future actions
As part of its partnership with UNESCO, the CCIC is renewing its commitment to cooperate at the construction of Peace. Through this Forum, the CCIC wants to offer our contemporaries reasons for hope.

        Jeudi 23 mars 2017 de 9 heures à 18h30
Maison de l’UNESCO, salle II 125, avenue de Suffren - Paris 7e