Forum report

“The Spirits of Indigenous Peoples in Asia tuned well with Christianity”

Dr Paul Hwang. (Director of the Center for Asia Peace and Solidarity under WTII

Participants visited three Karen and Lahu ethnic groups living in mountainous areas in Chiang Mai as exposure trip.

 Archbishop Patrick D' Rozario, president of Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference (FABC), said: I am sure the lay-centered event will influence much to discover “the great spirits of the indigenous peoples all over Asia”, hoping that it will inspire people concerned to work with and to work for the IPs. “The great spirits in IPs really links us up with the Spirit of God, because anything which is good comes from God”. I expect that the event will “make the participants more open to the dialogue with the poor, dialogue with the faiths and dialogue with cultures by which the FABC is spirited and guided.”   

Day 2 of Asian Theology Forum (ATF)

Fr. Jojo M. Fung on "The Great Spirit Dwelling Indigenous Peoples' Lives and the Future of Pneumatology."

Reflections after listening to four lectures/experience/insights/case study & country report which include;-

  1. The Great Spirit Dwelling IP's Lives and the Future of Pneumatology (Fr. Jojo Fung)
  2. Buddhist Spirituality As Alternative for Ecological Sustainability in Asia (Mr. Jonjandai)
  3. Inter-religious Dialogue and Cooperation in Promoting Ecological Peace for IPs in Asia (Fr. Michael Amaladoss)
  4. Human Rights Based Approach Toward IPs and Ecological Peace in Asia in Relation to Pacem In Terris (Mr. Sanjay)
  5. Role of Religions for Promoting IPs Rights to Live (Fr. Niphot) 
  6. Wisdoms of IPs and Missiological Paradigm Shift to IPs (Fr. Edgar)
  7. Case Study 1 India - Poverty of Farmers and Agrarian Crisis in India: Challenges and Opportunities in light of Ecological Crisis (Marina D'Costa)
  8. Country Report 2 Laos - Situation of the Church and youth in Laos today (Rattana)


Chiang Mai: Visit in 3 villages

Reflections after the visit of the villages of Pharmon in the neighborhood of Chiang Mai

- We are connected to one another though we have different faiths

 - Everything is missing for them, but God is our God

          (From leader of religious spirit Lohu).

- Misunderstanding of relationship between human and nature creates separateness which isolates our true being

- I could define what is the meaning the poor and poverty.

- In Pharmon community we have realized that there were new ways of living together among believers in different religions.

Indigenous mission shift

     In this article, Malaysian Jojo Fung reflects out of his experience of ministry among indigenous peoples in his home country, in order to propose several theological principles, and several models for faithful and effective missionary work. Father Fung's theological principles are the goodness of creation, the cultural reality of Jesus' ministry, the reality of the Incarnation, the power of the Resurrection, the presence of the Spirit, and the "principle of the Sound Tree."

Program Chiang Mai 2013

Limitless Development and Indigenous Peoples' Lives

Amid Ecological Crisis in Asia


1 Asian Youth Academy :“Youth Promoting Peace for the IPs’ Life in Asia Facing Ecological Crisis”


Sunday 11th evening. Arrival.

 Monday 12th Exposure-Immersion program

 Tuesday 13th

Group activities (visit to cultural/historical/ecological sites)

“Home stay” at IPs’ homes or other places

Joining IPs working at fields

Sharing and Evaluation - - Watching video on Indigenous Peoples’ Lives.

 Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th Asian Theology Forum. (see the program below)