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Fraternity, a challenge for our time
Vichy (France)
Mon Jul 24, 2017

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We report the news of the dead of Etienne Tshisekedi. Etienne was a prominent opposition leader in DRC. I was... https://t.co/KQ48I45hdr
Against fear we need change https://t.co/LBpiiKwmL3
Contra la paura, ci vuole cambiamento https://t.co/GoztwrSaYs
Mercy, a political act? https://t.co/FzutsrlNda
Laïcité, sécularisation et religions dans un monde pluriel https://t.co/2hEqKsJ6A8
Unformal asian (korean) meeting of former and current Pax Romana officiers ! https://t.co/03iDSQggRf
Incroyants d'aujourd'hui en France https://t.co/HiTxcSJO0I
Joyeux Noël Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas! Icmica Zw Icmica Ghana Pax Romana Africa-icmica ICMICA AP... https://t.co/s6nZDI8yUJ

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